Tony Farrar



Tony Farrar has spent almost two decades assisting UK government departments in designing and implementing policy communication strategies. In addition to successfully creating a public sector events subsidiary and founding a leading public policy communications business, he went on to co-found two new socially focused organisations, Why Sports and Govconnect. These organisations seek to deliver policy communications through a unique conference engagement model, whilst leaving a lasting legacy of social and financial contributions towards the policy ambitions being realised.

Tony is a firm believer that active environments and physical activity are fundamental human rights for all, irrespective of socioeconomic backgrounds, gender or age. As a father of two young daughters, physical literacy is paramount to him. The removal of barriers and associated stigmas related to physical activity, the creation of active communities and improving population health are now his main focus.

I am proud to announce my appointment to the board of directors at One Running Movement. This amazing organisation and team are delivering some of the most exciting work I have encountered in the movement and activity space, and are already working with some of the leading brands across the sport sector.

“The combined expertise across the organisation coupled with the amazing vision and initiatives in place made this an absolute no brainer for me. Through the work of my other businesses I am acutely aware of the huge challenges tackling inactivity, childhood obesity and the wider long-term conditions and population health strategies. One Running Movement will in my opinion contribute heavily towards the attainment of these goals and will more importantly be a lot of fun for all involved. I look forward to being a part of the board & advisory committee and to also running OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO in March 2020 in order to practise what I preach!”