Shelley Keefe



Shelley was inspired to start running after having her two children. Fitness was her main motivation, but she’s since found the benefits of running go far beyond just physical. She now hugely enjoys being part of the running community and runs regularly with her husband and two boys as a way of keeping active as a family. Seeing her children’s confidence grow as a result has been the drive to encourage more young children to get involved in running.

Shelley has enjoyed organising charity runs at her children’s school for the past three years. She is committed to encouraging both children and families to lead a healthy and happy life through running.

“I’m so excited to be working with Schools Half Marathon to encourage more children to enjoy the benefits of running. Seeing children enjoy physical activity and achieving their goals through this fun and inclusive sport is an absolute joy. Running has brought me so much happiness and I can’t wait to help the next generation experience the same.”