Hannah Copeland



Hannah grew up on a farm and played county hockey, so from a young age she was always running around. She discovered her love for running later and has enjoyed competing in a variety of events, from track 1,500m to the muddy hills of cross country. She particularly loves the endurance aspects of half marathon and trail running.

Hannah is a firm believer in the positive power of exercise and loves to encourage others to achieve their goals. Whilst teaching teenagers, she and a friend set up a small running club for her students who had no sport in their curriculum, as she understands the need for movement and the beneficial effects of exercise on concentration, memory, study and mood.

While volunteering in Kenya, Hannah was struck by the endurance and strength of children there who may walk or run up to 10km, even without shoes, to get to school each day. She saw how such challenges can help to maintain a positive attitude to life. Running requires no expensive equipment and can overcome all sorts of barriers – it just needs readiness to take part!

Hannah has enjoyed volunteering for parkrun and her local club in Ealing. At this climate aware time, she would love to inspire the next generation to become part of the CO2-free running community, and is very much looking forward to delivering Schools Half Marathon London.