Planet-U Energy

Planet-U Energy are the UK’s fastest growing, independent, renewable energy utilities company. 

Our mission is to make renewable energy totally transparent, so that every company can take action today for a more sustainable tomorrow.

We take the complexity out of renewable energy and help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, whilst saving time and money. We believe 100% that our renewable gas & electricity energy contracts and renewable technology solutions can help every business become more sustainable whilst remaining profitable.

Energy For Movement

Every business that moves to Planet-U Energy through ORM becomes MOVERS and will see a % of their annual reduced energy payments be converted to gifted places for children, young adults (aged 4 to 16) and adults (Aged 17+) to take part in activities that involve, assist or facilitate movement for FREE across the UK. These places will be gifted by ORM working with councils and official sports governing bodies in a collaborative approach across the UK to help balance inequality.

This is a unique partnership built to drive social change and make a difference to people’s lives and the planet! Find out more about it here.

Run For Climate Change

Run for Climate Change is a new annual event organised by One Running Movement in partnership with Planet-U Energy and ORM Foundation Partners, with the first edition taking place virtually this year.

Movers of all ages can sign up to run a chosen distance of a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Marathon, in line with their health and wellbeing goals, and by doing so contributing to the following:

  1. Helping yourself by being active and having a positive goal to aim or train for
  2. Helping the planet by raising awareness of climate change and renewable energy
  3. Helping communities where the wooden medals are made
  4. Helping charities who are committed to climate change and mental health
  5. Helping the Run For Climate Change community achieve the collective challenge to run the circumference of the Earth (40,075 km) by December 31st 2022

Entry packages for individuals, families and businesses are available, at £12 for adults and £6 for children and young adults.

Enter now HERE!

Planet-U Energy are a Powered By Partner of One Running Movement 

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