British technology company McLEAR will be supporting One Running Movement across its event portfolio for 2020 and beyond.

The leader in Smart Ring Payments, McLEAR is highlighting how wearable technology is changing the way people can make payments. The McLEAR Smart Ring is a small, lightweight device that allows the user to make fast and secure contactless payments by simply tapping their hand – removing the need for bank cards and phones and enabling a quick and seamless transaction. The technology offers a high-quality user experience and puts McLEAR at the forefront of the manufacture of electronic smart rings and security systems.

With technology an increasingly important part of One Running Movement, the top tier partnership with McLEAR is an exciting step that will help to drive the movement forwards alongside other Foundation Partners.

Every McLEAR Smart Ring purchased via this link contributes to generating gifted places for primary school children in Schools Half Marathon or Schools Marathon.

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